Almost everywhere and practically anywhere—MovinCool systems answer the call for spot cooling.

MovinCool began in 1982 by providing cooling relief on the hot factory floor. Ever since, people across business and industry have found the uses for spot cooling are almost limitless. MovinCool systems routinely solve overheating problems in these applications:

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Spot cooling can provide relief for workers on the jobsite and speed the drying and curing of building materials.

Server & Telecom

High tech and high temperatures do not play well together. MovinCool systems are a reliable fix when you need to keep sensitive electronics running and avoid crippling downtime.


The ill and elderly are especially susceptible to excess heat. Keep patients and their caregivers comfortable and control temperatures around heat-generating diagnostic equipment.


Production processes are especially susceptible to heat and exhaustion. So are employees in warehouses and storage facilities. MovinCool systems safeguard worker wellbeing and support productivity.

Offices & Schools

People who are hot and uncomfortable cannot perform at their best. MovinCool lets you keep people cool and productive despite seasonal changes.

Outdoors & Events

Spot cooling can make the difference between keeping and cancelling an event or your participation in it.

Service Bay

MovinCool counters the searing combination of seasonal heat and engine heat in automotive service centers to keep technicians working at their best.

Moisture Removal

MovinCool counters heat and excess humidity to prevent material defects, such as warping.


Count on MovinCool systems to dehumidify damp conditions, prevent the advance of mold and mildew, and restore water-damaged spaces in hours, not weeks.


When central HVAC systems falter, MovinCool systems provide a backstop for reserve and emergency cooling. This can be critical for avoiding costly line interruptions, even shutdowns.

Spot vs. Facility Cooling

Why cool the entire space when you can simply cool the places where people work? Instead of spending big on hundreds of tons of cooling, “spend smart” on spot coolers — and keep your enterprise humming along at lower cost.

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