The ALL NEW Climate Pro Series advances spot-cooling technology.

The best just got better with three all-new product series: 

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Climate Pro Features

Improved performance with these new features:

  • Color LCD control panel. Simplifies operation, clearing of codes and easier to read.
  • Matte black cabinet brings stylish utility to the workplace.
  • Added bumpers enable safer handling and movement around your facility.
  • Larger casters makes rolling and navigation easier.
  • Built-in cable compartment. Keeps power cord securely out of the way.

Other design advances:

  • Quick-connect nozzle. Turn-and-click convenience for efficient direction of air-flow (select Climate Pro X models).
  • Hinged tank cover. Keeps drain tank secure.
  • Ergonomic drain tank design. Makes for easier handling and emptying.
  • Built-in flanges. Standard on all models — no add-ons needed. 

Connectivity-ready* with remote monitoring features:

  • 24/7 reporting for “no surprises.”
  • Receive system notifications by email.
  • Get real-time location updates for asset tracking.

 *Subscription required 

Climate Pro K Series

Made especially for commercial spaces where comfort is essential to productivity.

Climate Pro X Series

Spot-cooling for commercial and industrial applications—perfect for cooling people and production processes.

Climate Pro D Series

Our heat pumps are your answer for cooling and heating for year-round comfort.

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