Emergency Preparedness

Emergency back-up cooling when you need it most. 

Dependable cooling.

MovinCool units provide true air-conditioning on casters that can be quickly deployed in a variety of emergency situations. Reduce heat stress on equipment and people to keep critical operations up and running.


Ideal for…

  • Healthcare* – Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Pharmacy
  • Doctors offices
  • Government/Municipalities
  • Offices/retail
  • Schools/Universities
  • Manufacturing

*MovinCool units are manufactured for general purpose use to control the temperature of the environment. While they contain both condenser and evaporator intake air filters, they do not incorporate any medical grade filters (ie, HEPA) or purification features. If using in a healthcare or medical setting, your facilities management professional should confirm that use of these units is appropriate and will meet applicable health-related requirements.

Server room failure


  • Emergency Portable Structures – quick deployment for tents, mobile clinics, or temporary shelters.
  • Flooding – for emergency drying, high-volume warm air extracts moisture faster than fans or dehumidifiers alone.
  • Heatwave – reduce the chances of heat stress in hot workspaces and factories, preventing potential OSHA violations.
  • Hurricane/Tornado – portable a/c solutions that can run from a generator during a power outage or natural disaster.
  • Server/Equipment room failure – protect heat-sensitive equipment and prevent operations from shutting down due to main a/c system failure where redundancy is critical.

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*Btu/h specifications shown with 230 V. Amperage shown with recommended fuse size. All specifications subject to change without notice.

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