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The first name in spot cooling still leads the industry.

Since 1982, MovinCool has been the go-to name in portable air conditioning systems for solutions to your overheating problems. Our commitments to quality, innovation and service combine to give you the best value — the reason MovinCool is known worldwide as “the #1 portable spot cooling solution.”

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Product Line Features

Answering with innovation.

MovinCool entered the market with a unique, self-contained, portable air conditioner. Subsequent advances include the first programmable spot coolers, ceiling-mount coolers, and the first and only portable coolers that are connectivity-ready for wireless IoT systems.

With MovinCool’s continuing innovation as a driving force in the industry, users increasingly realize the benefits of portable air conditioning for making their operations productive.


Multiple, versatile solutions.

MovinCool is dedicated to product development and providing a complete catalog of portable cooling solutions. These include:


What's your application?

MovinCool portable air conditioners bring controlled comfort in almost any application you can imagine. Some of the more popular are:

Climate Pro K Series

Climate Pro K Series - MovinCool

Made especially for commercial spaces where comfort is essential to productivity.

Climate Pro X Series

Climate Pro X Series - MovinCool

Spot-cooling for commercial and industrial applications —perfect for cooling people and production processes.

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Our experts will help you determine which MovinCool products are best for your application—and provide answers for technical questions about your product. (Please have your unit’s serial number handy.)