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The ceiling-mount cooling solution that fits almost anywhere. 

The CM12 is ideal for controlling temperatures in cramped offices, conference rooms and computer rooms.

  • Overhead installation — takes no floor space. 

  • Lowest profile in the industry (15.2 in. high). Works in practically any drop ceiling.

  • No special electrical requirements. Runs on 115V with 15 amp circuit — uses 1.23 kW.

10,500 Btu/h

Cooling Capacity

1 Phase, 115V


CM12 - MovinCool

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CM12 Features

The value you expect from MovinCool.

The CM12 brings cooling relief to make your space comfortable and productive.

    Advanced features:

    • Effective from 65° to 95°F (evaporator) and 65° to 113°F (condenser).

    • Optional wall thermostat for programmed operation.

    • Built-in flanges and mounting brackets for simplified installation.


    Quiet, reliable operation.

    Quiet operation. Only 52 dB(A) — similar to sound levels from a refrigerator.

    Electronic Features

    OperationMillivolt Thermostat (Not Included)

    Electrical Characteristics

    Voltage Requirement (60 Hz)1 Phase, 115 V
    Total Power Consumption1.23 kW 1,2
    Current Consumption11.9 amps 1,2
    Recommended Fuse Size15 amps
    NEMA Plug ConfigurationN/A
    Min. - Max. Voltage105 - 125V

    Cooling Capacity and Power Consumption

    ConditionsEvaporator: 80°F @ 50% RH
    Condenser: 95°F @ 50% RH
    Total Cooling Capacity10,500 Btu/h 1
    Sensible Cooling Capacity7,200 Btu/h 1
    Power Consumption1.23 kW 1
    Current Consumption11.2 amps 1

    Cooling Capacity and Power Consumption

    ConditionsEvaporator: 72°F @ 50%RH
    Condenser: 95°F @ 50%RH
    Total Cooling Capacity9,300 Btu/h 1
    Sensible Cooling Capacity7,000 Btu/h 1
    Power Consumption1.22 kW 1
    Current Consumption11 amps 1


    Motor Output0.04/0.013 kW Evaporator
    0.1/0.025 kW Condenser


    Fan TypeCentrifugal
    Max. Air Flow - High/Low324/228 CFM 1
    Max. External Static Pressure0.16 IWG


    Fan TypeCentrifugal
    Max. Air Flow - High/Low700/370 CFM
    Max. External Static Pressure0.12 IWG


    TypeHermetic Rotary
    Output0.89 kW




    W x D x H (with Flange)35 x 23 x 16 in
    W x D x H (without Flange)32 x 20 x 15.2 in


    Net / Shipping128 / 141 lb

    Power Cord


    Condensate Pump Capacity

    Pump Rate5 gal/h
    Head4 ft

    Operating Conditions

    Min. - Max. @ 50% RH65° - 95°F Evaporator 1
    65° - 113°F Condenser 1

    Max. Duct Length

    Per Cold Duct Hose20 ft 2
    Hot Duct Hose10 ft 2

    Max. Sound Level

    With Condenser Duct 52 dB(A)
    Without Condenser Duct N/A

    1 - Measured with two 6-ft ducts with one 90° bend each, supply grill and return grill with filter (0.16 IWG external static pressure) (ducts not included)
    2 - Confirm pressure drop of duct, grills and filter with manufacturer's specifications (ducts not included)

    Specifications subject to change without notice. All models feature compressor overload relay and fan motor protection. All models also feature compressor short-cycle protection, return air thermostat, automatic restart and accommodate a condensate pump kit.

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