Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, all units have this feature.

Not applicable as there is no efficiency rating standard for portable air conditioners.

Only the Classic 10, Classic 40 and Classic 60 units can operate at 50Hz cycle with performance reduction from the specs listed.

The nozzles come one per box. You need to order two if you need two nozzles.

For 115V portable units, 20 feet. For 230V portable units, 17 feet. The head pressure will go down with the voltage draw by the unit.

Yes, it prevents water from flowing back into the pump.

The average life expectancy of a MovinCool unit used under normal operating conditions is 10 years.

Climate Pro K series units are designed to cool low-temperature areas like server rooms, data rooms, and offices. They can operate down to 65 degrees F.

Climate Pro X units are designed to cool high-temperature and high-humidity areas like warehouses, manufacturing facilities. These units remove more moisture from the air than Climate Pro K units.

Standard warranty offers three years with warranty registration OR one year for unregistered units. View our standard warranty statement.

Yes, the Climate Pro D12 and Climate Pro D18 are heat pumps.

Two design types are utilized: scroll and rotary. See product specifications for compressor use in each unit.

The water tank is for condensation removal. MovinCool collects condensation in the tank at the base of each unit. The condensate tank is included with all units except Classic 40, Classic 60, Climate Pro K60, Climate Pro K63. The tank is available as an optional accessory for Classic 40, Climate Pro K60, Climate Pro K63.

You can eliminate the need to empty the tank by installing our condensation pump. The condensation pump is included with Climate Pro K60, Climate Pro K63. For all other units, except Classic 40 and Classic 60, pumps are sold separately.

An average of 15° to 25° F, from ambient temperature, depending on model and level of humidity, e.g. low humidity = high-temperature drop, high humidity = low-temperature drop.

As a rule of thumb, 400 square feet per 12,000 BTUs (12,000 BTUs equals one ton of air conditioning). However, you must account for other factors, which will affect the total heat load. Find your cooling need.

Roll it into position, plug it in, and turn it on. NOTE: If you are in an enclosed room, you will need to exhaust the warm air from the top of the unit out of the room. The drop ceiling space in a typical office will usually satisfy this requirement.

Installation & Maintenance

No, each unit is fully charged and ready to use. Unless there is a leak, refrigerant does not wear out nor does it deplete. Each MovinCool is hermetically sealed to prevent leakage.

The only regular maintenance required is cleaning or changing the filters on the units. For more details, please refer to the operations manual.

Classic 10, Climate Pro K12, Climate Pro K18, Climate Pro X14, Climate Pro X20, Climate Pro D12 and Climate Pro D18 units require a minimum of 18 inches of clearance for both the evaporator and condenser.

All other units require a minimum of 24 inches of clearance for both the evaporator and condenser.

Yes, clearance is an important factor as well as filters being dirty. In both cases, the AC will not operate properly due to insufficient air flow.

Yes, all the current models are equipped with one signal input connection from fire alarm and one signal output connection for connecting to warning devices or building control systems.

Yes, Classic 40, Classic 60, CM12 and CM25 units are designed to work with a remote thermostat.

We recommend extreme caution when using extension cords. The following guideline is recommended: It must be safety listed and 3-wire grounding type appliance extension cord. The marked rating of the extension cord should be the same as the voltage requirement and the recommended fuse size on the specification sheet.

Not recommended as it overloads the unit. For specific details, please contact a dealer or MovinCool.

It varies depending on model. See Specifications.

The length specified is the total length in and out of unit. For condenser plenum, 10-ft inlet and 10-ft outlet = 20 total feet. Each 90 deg bend = approximately 8 to 10 feet of duct. Blocking one duct is not recommended. Too much static pressure can build up and the unit will shut down.

No. You may need to remove MovinCool’s exhaust air in some other manner. Contact us or your local dealer for more information.

  • Classic 10, Climate Pro K12, Climate Pro K18, Climate Pro X14, Climate Pro X20, Climate Pro D12 and Climate Pro D18 use 115V – standard household current.
  • Climate Pro K24, Climate Pro K36, Climate Pro K60 and Climate Pro X26 use 208/230V single phase.
  • Classic 40 use 220V three phase.
  • Classic 60 and Climate Pro K63 use 460V three phase.


Check for any diagnostic codes. Normally the display will show “PU” and may be the results of a kink or blockage in the pipe, which will stop the flow of water. This may be solved by eliminating the kink/blockage and resetting the control board. The diagnostic code “PU” may also be triggered due to low voltage draw by the unit.

If conditions persist after the above actions have been taken, turn the unit off, disconnect the power and contact your MovinCool reseller or a qualified technician.

Note: Before clearing the diagnostic code, be sure to find and correct the problem.

Classic 10, Classic 40 and Classic 60: Hold down both SET TEMP buttons (up & down arrows) simultaneously for three (3) seconds.

All other models: Press clear button.

  • Make sure the unit is connected to the right voltage and recommended breaker.
  • Check for power at the receptacle. If the LED light on the plug is not lit, then press the reset button on the LCDI plug.
  • Check for loose wire connections.
  • Check if the room temperature is below the set point.
  • For more specific information, please refer to the operation manual.

The cause could be dirty filters, not enough clearance for the evaporator, negative pressure or low condenser inlet air temperature when a plenum is attached to the unit.

  • Make sure the room temperature is above the set point.
  • Make sure the cool mode is activated.
  • Low voltage.

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