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Moisture Removal

MovinCool dehumidifiers are ideal for drying out wet and damp spaces.

Count on MovinCool drying technology for swift and sure moisture removal.

  • Powerful blower creates forceful drying action across the room.

  • Useful for eliminating odors — and for preventing growth or spread of mold and mildew.

  • Can be configured for cooling along with drying.

  • Optional condensate pump lets you send water to the drain.

Simple installation — quick results.

  • Roll it in, plug it in — attach the duct and turn it on.
  • High-volume warm air extracts moisture faster than fans or dehumidifiers alone.
  • Saves time to reduce restoration costs.
  • ETL listed — documented safety for wet applications.
Fast Drying Setup
Dehumidifying and Cooling Setup

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Featured Products

Models for Low Temperature Conditions (65°F – 95°F)

ModelWater Removal per Day
at 95°F at 60% RH
Electrical RequirementsWeightDimensions
(W x D x H)
Optional Pump*
Climate Pro K12117 pints / 55 liters115V, 15 amps166 lb22 x 27 x 47 in484789-0210
Climate Pro K18162 pints / 77 liters115V, 20 amps172 lb22 x 27 x 47 in484789-0210
Climate Pro K24233 pints / 110 liters208/230V, 20 amps205 lb22 x 27 x 51 in484789-0220
Climate Pro K36436 pints / 206 liters208/230V, 30 amps454 lb33 x 55 x 53 in484789-0240
Climate Pro K60756 pints / 358 liters208/230V, 50 amps582 lb31 x 55 x 64 inIncluded
Climate Pro K63756 pints / 358 liters460V, 20 amps659 lb31 x 55 x 64 inIncluded

Instructions for Lower Temperature Usage

Use portable heaters for the best possible drying results below minimum operating temperature. Once the minimum operating temperature range is reached, MovinCool will generate its own heat to further enhance the drying process.


Models for High Temperature Conditions (70°F – 105°F)

ModelWater Removal per Day
at 95°F at 60% RH
Electrical RequirementsWeightDimensions
(W x D x H)
Optional Pump*
Classic 10120 pints / 57 liters115V, 15 amps145 lb19 x 26 x 41 inLA484789-0121
Climate Pro X14132 pints / 62 liters115V, 15 amps165 lb22 x 29 x 48 in484789-0210
Climate Pro X20162 pints / 77 liters115V, 20 amps195 lb22 x 29 x 51 in484789-0210
Climate Pro X26238 pints / 113 liters208/230V, 20 amps216 lb22 x 29 x 51 in484789-0220
Classic 40488 pints / 231 liters220V, 25 amps353 lb26 x 43 x 39 inN/A
Classic 60736 pints / 349 liters460V, 20 amps463 lb32 x 49 x 42 inN/A

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