MovinCool Connect

Stay cool and connected with your MovinCool

MovinCool Connect

Stay cool and connected with your MovinCool

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Harness the Power of Connectivity

With the MovinCool Climate Pro series, you now can access game-changing connectivity that keeps you in the know with one easy-to-use online portal*.

*Requires annual subscription.

U.S. and Canada

Track units anywhere in North America

•  See real-time performance1
•  Locate deployed or missing units
•  Available on all Climate Pro models2

Remote Monitoring

See status of individual units

•  Operating temperature
•  Fan speeds
•  Cooling/heating modes
•  Ambient room temperature

Online Portal

Manage alerts and notifications

•  Easy-to-use interface
•  Customize notifications
•  View error codes
•  Receive email and text alerts

  1. Based on average cellular signal strength of powered units cycling on 15min intervals and location proximity within an average of 100ft.
  2. Units purchased on or after May 1, 2022 require optional communications module to be installed separately.

Managing your MovinCool inventory has never been easier.

Gather your fleet’s status all in one convenient online portal. See a summary of units that are deployed, active or available vs those that require inspection or maintenance.

Set and receive email or text alerts such as max/min unit and room temperatures, machine location changes, full drain tanks and other crucial error codes.

Remotely diagnose operating issues in the field and avoid unnecessary repair trips.

Get your MovinCool connected today!