Industrial Applications - Spot Cooling Solutions

Industrial Applications

When heat is rough on production, MovinCool smoothes things out.

Production that runs smoothly.

The hotter your space, the more you can rely on MovinCool to keep things running at their best. 

  • Spot cool without the huge expense of air conditioning an entire facility.

  • Prevent product defects (warping and condensation) due to heat and humidity.

  • Reduce risks of human error and worker disability (heat exhaustion).

  • Support employee morale, work quality, and productivity.

MovinCool — the industry standard since 1982.

Our Classic models introduced the world to safe and effective spot cooling. Now our Climate Pro X Series coolers build on that proven performance.

  • Sizes from 10,000 Btu/h to 60,000 Btu/h.
  • Simple and portable — roll it in, set it up, turn it on.
  • Programmable controls for automatic operation after hours and weekends.
  • Wireless connectivity-ready for remote monitoring and system notifications.

Reliable Spot Cooling for:

  • Factory and Warehouse
  • Assembly Lines
  • CNC Machines
  • Food Processing
  • Injection Molding
  • Robotics and Automated Processes

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Featured Products

Classic 10 - MovinCool

Classic 10

10,000 Btu/h takes 115V 15 amp circuit and less than 3.5 sq. ft. floor space.

10,000 Btu/h

Cooling Capacity

1 Phase, 115V


Classic 40 - MovinCool

Classic 40

39,000 Btu/h takes 230V 25 amp circuit and about 8 sq. ft. floor space. Programmable operatin and ceiling mount options.

39,000 Btu/h

Cooling Capacity

3 Phase, 220V


Classic 60 - MovinCool

Classic 60

60,000 Btu/h takes 460V 20 amp circuit and about 11 sq. ft. floor space. Powerful cooling for the most heat-intensive applications indoors or out. Programmable.

60,000 Btu/h

Cooling Capacity

3 Phase, 460V


Climate Pro X14 - MovinCool

Climate Pro X14

13,200 Btu/h uses 115V 15 amp and 4.5 sq. ft. floor space. Programmable operation and wireless connectivity-ready.

13,200 Btu/h

Cooling Capacity

1 Phase, 115V


Climate Pro X20 - MovinCool

Climate Pro X20

16,800 Btu/h uses 115V 20 amp circuit and less than 5 sq. ft. floor space. Programmable operation and wireless connectivity-ready.

16,800 Btu/h

Cooling Capacity

1 Phase, 115V


Climate Pro X26 - MovinCool

Climate Pro X26

24,000 Btu/h uses 208/230V 20 amp circuit and 3.5 sq. ft. floor space. Programmable operation and wireless connectivity-ready.

24,000 Btu/h

Cooling Capacity

1 Phase, 208/230V



“Working in Chatsworth, California, it gets very hot in the summertime. I needed to find a way, instead of cooling the whole warehouse, to cool a small portion of it. I needed to make the area where the guys work cool. We looked to MovinCool and it really did the job.”

Dave Sanitate

Warehouse Manager, Special “T” Fasteners

“We used MovinCool out on our production lines for our thermal forming areas where it’s very hot. We put a MovinCool spot cooler right on the packing areas and distributed them onto people. It cooled down the area so we didn’t have to be moving out every other time and shifting people to cool down.”

Michael Franks

Sweetheart Cup Company, Inc.

“We have a very hot warehouse in the summertime and have a number of applications for the MovinCool portable air conditioner that has proven successful for us for the last two years and we are looking to add several more units to our warehouse facility. MovinCool helps increase production and promotes a happy work environment.”

Larry Steeley

VP of Operations, Rainbow Technology

Testimonials by Industrial Users

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