When the going gets tough, DENSO Corp.’s MovinCool® spot air conditioners keep their cool. At an Ohio steel-forging mill, a MovinCool unit did just that for
25 years – without a single repair.

Ohio Star Forge, a division of Daido Steel and a leading North American manufacturer of steel parts, bought the unit in 1989 to maintain a safe and comfortable
working environment for machine operators at its factory in Warren, Ohio. As red-hot parts come out of the forging machine, the room temperature can soar to more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The model, a MovinCool Classic 10, had recently stopped blowing cold air and needed a new part. “I could tell right away by the serial number how old this unit was,” said John Moore, operations manager of Spot Coolers, a nationwide MovinCool distributor whose rental fleet includes more than 4,000 MovinCool units. “I wasn’t surprised.”

The repair was easy: Replace the blower wheel. Today, the unit is back in service alongside four others: another Classic 10 unit also installed in 1989 and other models added in 1995, 1996 and 2005.

Each MovinCool unit is stationed near forging machines where parts come out at 2,200 F. None of the others has needed a repair. “The quality and reliability of MovinCool air conditioners are the rule, not the exception,” said MovinCool Sales Manager David Keller. “Our comprehensive line of compact, self-contained air conditioners offers the cost-effective cooling solutions our customers have come to trust to protect people, equipment and processes.”

Like all DENSO products, MovinCool air conditioners are subject to stringent manufacturing standards. Design features that prevent corrosion and ensure long-term reliability include:

  • Hermetically sealed refrigeration units and fan motors
  • Protective housings that fully enclose fan motors to keep out moisture-absorbing dust
  • Refrigerant pipes connected by reducers and expanders
  • Sheet-metal panels securely attached to the frame at load-bearing points
  • Steel mounting plates and heavy-duty bolts that secure casters to the frame
  • Fully insulated drain pans

“I have always insisted on MovinCool,” said Bill Petruzzi, Ohio Star Forge’s machine optimization manager. “It would be hard to find a better product for us.”

DENSO originally developed spot air conditioners as an efficient way of cooling employees on its own factory production lines. At Ohio Star Forge, the Classic 10 model had been running five days a week most of the year, often 24 hours a day for three shifts, prior to its first repair.

“The environment in a forging mill is extremely hostile to air conditioners,” said John Deraway, project manager at Alcon Mechanical Inc., which maintains Ohio Star Forge’s air conditioning equipment. “The only servicing we’ve had to do on these units is cleaning and changing filters. These are very durably built. We see other brands that just don’t hold up.”

MovinCool, a pioneer of workspace spot cooling since the 1980s, offers portable and ceiling-mount air conditioning systems for many different office and industrial applications. MovinCool’s industry-leading warranty covers parts and labor on the entire unit for three years. For more information, visit www.movincooldev.wpengine.com.

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MovinCool is a registered trademark of DENSO Corp.


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